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Newsletter March/April 2011 2
For the best possible results, it is recommended that companies use an outside third party company to administer the employee survey as the most credible results are when survey responses can be anonymous. Once the survey is completed and the responses are collected, a report containing the data results is generated for the employer to review. Employees are usually eager to hear the results of these surveys so a timely report to the employees regarding the survey results and possible corrective actions for areas needing improvement should be presented.

The following are some guidelines for employers to consider when conducting employee surveys:
- Be clear about the purpose and goals of the employee survey
- Guarantee anonymity of respondents
- Compose appropriate questions
- Properly analyze the data results
- Timely response to employees following analysis of the data results

Employees will expect responses from management, such as “We read and understand your concerns.” and some form of improvement actions (preferably favorable to employees) after conducting the employee surveys. However, if employers cannot implement improvement actions immediately, it is necessary for employers to respond to employees with explanations, such as “It is difficult for the company to increase employees’ salary due to the current weak economic conditions.” or “The Company is now conducting an investigation into the information of potential illegal/improper behavior.” In order to use employee surveys practically as an organizational improvement opportunity, employers should not only obtain the data results, but also analyze the results appropriately and provide feedback to their employees. This can be the key to a successful and effective employee survey.

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