3rd Party Logistics Operations Coordinator
Location:Bayonne, NJ
Visa Sponsor:No
Language:English: Business Level, Japanese: Conversation Level
Japanese logistics company is seeking a 3rd Party Logistics-East Operations Coordinator.

General Duties (applicable to all staff members)
1) Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery
2) Maintain flexible operations to provide an excellent customer service as a 3rd Party Logistics Provider
3) Work with and support members of subcontractors as required, and provide an efficient service
4) Properly follow the Safety & Health procedures stated on the of the Employee Handbook
5) Comply with laws and regulations set by the federal and the state, as well as rules and procedures defined by the company
6) Understand and be committed to equalities and diversity, and respect others’ values and beliefs
7) Understand and be committed to supporting the company’s strategic & managerial policy
8) Seek ways of updating and improving personal skills, knowledge and understanding relevant to your own job role
Specific Duties (as required for the position)
9) Maintain and improve warehouse workflows with cost consciousness, for better financial performance.
a. Schedule daily work activities.
b. Develop methods and procedures in minimizing cost impact.
c. Analyze all aspects of the operation to determine the most cost-effective means.
d. Recoding sales and costs associated with daily incoming and outgoing shipments.
10) Supervision to warehouse functions, but are not limited to the following
a. Implement and enforce operational policies and procedures.
b. Ensure high levels of customer satisfaction through excellence in receiving, shipping, and storage functionalities.
c. Communicate with appropriate departments and persons effectively.
d. Ensure that any computerized or automated systems are accurate and up to date.
e. Actively seek room for improvement in computer systems, and not hesitate to voice your opinions.
11) Customer service and troubleshoot
a. Resolve any issues or problems which occur in the warehouse.
b. Where appropriate elevate the issue to a more senior level.
c. Review and recording problems reported by customers.
d. Relay all necessary information to customer in a timely manner.
e. Timely reporting, even when adverse events occur to customer.
12) Keeping manager and management informed
a. Participate in meetings.
b. Report problems to manager and/or management verbally or in writing to avoid confusion and further problems without any delays.
c. Recommend changes for improvements.
13) Ensuring legal requirements and corporate practice
a. Ensure logistics and warehouse operations are in line with all industry and company required compliance items.
b. Obtain proper licensing as needed.
c. Study existing and new regulations

1) Experience in a role involving multitasking and problem solving in a fast-paced environment
2) Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English, Japanese skill is a plus
3) Open-mindedness, willingness to learn new methods, adapt to new systems, and always seek to improve
4) Proficiency in MS Office
5) Must be bilingual in Japanese/English
6) High School Diploma or GEO

Mon- Fri 9am- 6pm

Bayonne, NJ (10 mins walk from NJ Light Rain Station)

$21-$26.44/H (Non-Exempt)